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About us

We take pride in quality workmanship, staying within budget and on time delivery.

At Artisitque Homes, we specialize in designing and building custom homes, commercial projects, and major renovations. We take pride in delivering your project with both professionalism and creativity, while ensuring that we stay within your budget and eliminate the hassle of coordinating with multiple trades.

We understand that every aspect of your home is important and personal, which is why we approach every project with thoughtful consideration and expert craftsmanship. Our goal is to create a space that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. From start to finish, we work closely with you to ensure that every detail of your project is carefully crafted and designed to be meaningful to you.

Understanding Client’s needs, dream and expectations!


Artistique Homes is a privately-owned, fully integrated firm that specializes in Plan, Design & Build services for residential and commercial development projects. Our focus is on providing individual attention to each client throughout every stage of the project and building a strong business relationship with them.

We believe that great consumer-centered ideas and design play a critical role in the successful completion of our clients’ projects. At Artistique Homes, we don’t just aim to make things look pretty; we create consumer touchpoints that build relationships and implement effective communication strategies that drive project success.

As a General Construction Contractor, we have a history of building a wide range of projects, including single-family homes, multi-family projects, multi-plex developments, and commercial and business centers. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the unique needs of our clients and deliver projects on schedule and within budget.

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully built and managed projects in the Calgary real estate market, thanks to our well-managed organization and unwavering commitment to quality and treating our valued clients with respect.

At Artistique Homes, we distinguish ourselves with our promise of superb craftsmanship and design, as well as our strong belief in quality, integrity, and commitment. Our reputation as one of the most respected builders and developers in Alberta is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Artistique Homes Ltd.

Our Multi Talented Team

We continue to provide creative and innovative solutions to suit every custom home. Thank you to our excellent team, professional colleagues, associations and our local community for making our vision possible.

Ben Gill, Founder & Owner
Founder & Owner
Ben Gill

Ben Gill

Ben Gill, Founder & President, is construction professional with over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional quality projects. After working on various construction project and gaining qualification and valuable experience, he established Artistique Homes, his dream empire in 2005. With passion, and love for the industry he built many successful properties around the Calgary. With his commitment to excellence as well as his depth of experience in the construction field makes him unique in standing as project management professional. His hard work, charisma and true passion for his business has helped Ben gain respect from the industry. Ben specializes in all facets with continuous learning new construction technologies, and maintains himself with the updated knowledge. As a head of the TEAM, he ensures growth, company performance and best client’s relationship.

Apart from all, he is avid golfer, entertainer and enjoys travelling.

Project & Feng Shui Consultant
Design, Project & Feng Shui Consultant
Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Undoubtedly sophisticated in his practice – and with over 25 years of experience in design development and project management has gained him international prestige. He is capable of delivering a myriad of design styles, such as: contemporary, modern, eclectic, traditional and classical.

His philosophy is “distinction in details” wherein every project is developed in its totality. He has designed and successfully completed several projects in diverse fields including; residential, commercial, health care, corporate offices, hospitality, retail, and entertainment; spread across many countries, including but not limited to Canada, US, UK, Dubai, Muscat, Hong Kong and India. He is one of a very few professionals in North America who successfully integrates practical design and architectural applications with the elevated effect of Feng Shui.

As a Certified & Licensed Feng Shui Master, he believes, “when your home and office are aligned with Cosmic Energies, it will help you get all that Universe has to offer!”

Sabrina Ghuman-McGrath, PR & Marketing Manager
PR & Marketing Manager
Sabrina Ghuman-McGrath

Sabrina Ghuman-McGrath

Innovative, Dynamic, Tenacious. She is gifted with the sharp mind, and innate ability to connect with others and an insatiable thirst for excellence. Sabrina is the “go-to” leader with the motivation as key element. With her expertise and industry knowledge, she helps the firm define its vision, brainstorm business challenges and determine right marketing strategies to grow business. With her creative ability she aims to help company build brand by building standards, culture and class. As a PR and Marketing Manager, Sabrina knows what truly drives the conversation. Our happy clients are the testimonials of her best services.

Neel Gill, Operations, HR & Media
Operations, HR & Media
Neel Gill

Neel Gill

Neel is multi-talented, enterprising and high energy professional with entrepreneur spirit is currently responsible for managing day-to-day operations and overall strategic vision of the Artistique Homes. With the strong background of construction family combined with his ability to inspire and build solid rapport with the vendors and other service providers, making him have key position in the firm’s structure. He also leads activities related to resourcing, IT upgrades, finance, contracting and recruitment. Additionally, he actively manages company’s media connections, marketing and sponsorship agendas.

In his spare time, he is involved in events and programs that strengthens cultural integration and community spirit.

Angad Chahal, Agent & Client’s Relations
Agent & Client’s Relations
Angad Chahal

Angad Chahal

Angad helps affluent individuals and families build wealth though buying the properties. Known for his creative, unconventional and outside of the box marketing methods, he is not only helping grow company’s business but also, he is paving the path for the new standards in the industry. His goal always been to add value through educating the buyer making right investment strengthens firm and client relationship. Following company’s vision and core values, Angad has built a reputation for outstanding service with the unique buying experience to the end user, i.e., client.

As a long time, resident of Calgary and raised in multi-cultural environment, he has developed the love for Calgarians. He further states, Real Estate has been his long-time passion and he takes pride providing exceptionally personalized service to the clients helps him achieve personal growth as well as rewarding buying experience to the company’s happy clients.

Our Philosophy

You are our most valued resource. Design & Project Management today can be distinguished from other art forms because it thrives on collaboration and team effort. Individual talents, harnessed and shaped into efficient teams make up the structure of our Firm. We are proud to have team comprising of a dedicated group of Professionals, who have collaborated experience for more than 30 years.


Each and every project is developed in its totality; wherein all the parts down to the smallest detail, receive equally dedicated attention. The specification and detailing that goes into every project is of utmost importance and is our most salient strengths. Offering an unmatched quality of finish and detailing, every single feature in a project is designed and considered.


We believe; what works good is better than what looks good.
Short lived fashions and regressive styles are shunned. Personal attention is given to every project ensuring only the highest quality that is long lasting and durable.


We have performance-driven approach to design rather than mere form innovation. We have realized over time that very often the practical aspect of an idea can improve the aesthetic pleasure one gets from it. Our Homes and Spaces are planned from inside out, where exterior forms are a result of interior.


Our team is our most valued resource; focuses on active discussion and collaboration at all levels, which enables every design to reach its most evolved solution. Each work is handled by a talented and dedicated project team who works closely together at every stage of the venture. Depending on size and scope, each project is generally supervised by two or more people.


We are deeply committed to the practice of responsible design, working hard at integrating the imperative of environmental sustainability within the strategic goals of every project. We have a design philosophy based on respecting both human beings and the environment. One of the most important ideals we have learnt throughout our experiences is to value the environment with long term sustainable solutions and material and structural innovation.

Experience has taught us that good projects are those in which the clients are encouraged to contribute to the end result. We work very closely with our clients and boast a solid client base, many who have been associated with the company for many years. With gratitude towards our clients, over the years we have been able to accumulate one of our greatest assets; our client’s friendship and trust.

Our Mission

As technology and global influences continue to challenge the way we conduct our business and our life-style, we accommodate changes to remain competitive in today’s world. During Project, we evaluate your needs and optimize your spaces to increase your functionality, efficiency and comfort by planning, designing, beautifying and bringing sense of character to your environment. And top of all we ensure safety of premises and its occupants.

We consider all new factors which affect how we create the most appropriate and effective living environment. Our Goal is to provide our clients with functional, healthy, efficient and inspiring space in which the occupant will function comfortably and therefore more productively!

Living Better starts with understanding you, your plans and your dreams. To get started, tell us about your project