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Top Quality


New Homes

Artistique Homes Ltd. is industries one of the leading full service Professional Design-Plan-Build and Manage Team capable of handling any size of Single or Multi-family Home Project. Whether it is highly affordable lane home or Luxury Real Estate, we do it all with the pride and confidence.

We have an exceptional history of creating stunning and unique properties that are environmentally responsible, healthy and energy smart.


Renovating a space can be both stressful and costly, particularly if you do not have the experienced team working on your project. Our team members’ have many years of combined experience and have provided us with the skill to transform outdated, aging properties into beautiful spaces that fit each owner’s individual needs with absolute precision.

Each renovation project, residential or commercial is developed with unique touch with special attention to your lifestyle and personality. Understanding the existing conditions of the premises is critical component of the project’s success. Our goal is to create personalized space design that will be visually appealing, functional, and inspiring.

Commercial Development

We have a proven track record of delivering high performance properties wherein businesses can connect with their prospects in safe and healthy way. We engage highly experienced and qualified professionals who are expert in individual fields when it comes to bring up from ground any commercial development.   Our focus is more on to public safety and health when it comes to business world. Creating right ambience in which people can interact well intellectually and blend emotionally to build better businesses.

Our commercial developments are always ideally located and equipped with all modern features and state-of-the art technology. Innovative planning and designing creates seamless flow and smooth transition of men and material.

Feng Shui Fusion

Our inhouse certified and licensed Feng Shui Master does it all.

Research indicates, building architecture and interior can have profound influence on our well-being. The space that radiates happiness, success and positive vibes presents you those in your real life.

Since ancient time its been experienced that your space and every object within it contain energy fields. Like fish in a water, we swim in the pool of energies as we interact with our environment, and that needs to be healthy in order for us to be healthy. This is where Feng Shui Fusion comes in.

Living Better starts with understanding you, your plans and your dreams. To get started, tell us about your project