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AH Advantage

Join our Team – Let us know your unique talents


We are always dedicated to finding the best people, trades, craftsmen, technicians and individuals wanting to achieve excellence in their field. Please send us your Resumes or Bio and we will contact you when we have new opportunities. Also keep checking back our active posting regularly.

A career with The Artistique Homes Ltd. offers a rewarding experience. Whether your passion is start-ups or established individual, we work with the best, and we want the best. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals has unique backgrounds, all experts of their craft. And our projects are built as per best industry standards and practices

Fresh Interior Design Graduates


We welcome all fresh Interior Design Graduates to our project sites to gain practical knowledge form our Team, that will strengthen the foundation of their professional career. We also welcome their Design contribution to our projects, helping them sharpen their skills.

Our vision is to create better design industry professionals to elevate the standards of the construction industry of Canada.

We also welcome all the Academic Institutes, Colleges or Universities who like to begin collaborative programmes for educating their students with practical experience.

Please contact our Project Director at 604 760 4858 for all your questions or inquiries.

Top 10

Unique advantages for Hiring us

  1. Company core values based on Quality, Integrity and Commitment
  2. Competent team Management Professionals
  3. Inhouse research and design services
  4. Customized approach for each project
  5. We follow best industry standards and business practices
  6. You are our partner at every stage of the project
  7. Team of knowledgeable, experienced and skilled trade persons
  8. Excellent local and Global resourcing
  9. Every project is developed with Consumer touch of point
  10. Company is in good standing with Canadian Home Builders Association

Comprehensive Warranty

Each Artistique Homes Ltd. project backed by a 2/5/10 year warrantee provided by WBI Home Warranty. We provide Owner’s Manual to each new buyer along with warranty information, this will brief you on the construction, operating, maintenance and service of your newly built home.

What is covered by WBI Warranty?

  • 2 years material and labour for major system
  • 5 years building envelope
  • 10 years structural defects

For more information:

Other equipment and appliances are covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

Living Better starts with understanding you, your plans and your dreams. To get started, tell us about your project