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Smart Kitchen Ideas

Smart Kitchen Ideas

If you’ve fantasized about a chaos-free kitchen where the countertops are clear and everything stays in its proper place, you’re in luck. All you need is a little creativity and a few smart tips.

The hottest trend in kitchen design adds fun—and function—to the art of the meal.

Recently, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in the kitchen and all matters culinary, including a new appreciation for the value of great food and the social aspects of cooking. Fueled in part by the explosion of TV cooking shows featuring affable hosts who make it all look easy, this new concept KITCHEN is a source place of great fun with friends and family.

People are spending more time in the kitchen. They’re entertaining more, they’re cooking more and they are requiring kitchens that perform to a professional level.

Demand for professional-style kitchens has caused manufacturers to rethink kitchen design and offer consumers products that have the efficiency previously only available to professional restaurateurs. More and more home kitchens are starting to mirror what professional kitchens look like. While each home cook’s needs will be slightly different, the best professional-style consumer kitchens include many of the following features such as: durable material, multiple sinks, high function faucets, stainless steel finish energy star appliances, large prep area, easy clean-up and efficient work triangle.

No matter what shape your kitchen’s in—whether your floor plan is straight, U-shaped, L-shaped, or otherwise—its fundamental efficiency revolves around the triangle. The work triangle, an area comprised of the distance between your refrigerator, stove and sink, traces the kitchen’s most-traveled areas.

As cooking has taken its rightful place as a social activity, home cooks are inviting friends and family members to pitch in and help prepare a meal. Having well-planed, well-designed and functional kitchen makes these culinary collaborations more convenient—and productive–for everyone, from your college roommate to Uncle Bob.

If you really want to add a chef amenity to your kitchen, consider a pot filler faucet. No more lugging around heavy, water-filled pots and pans. Pot fillers serve as extendible faucets, and can be installed next to your stovetop or prep sink for easy water access; further feature addition of instant hot water faucet makes so much in time saving.

After a great meal, you want cleanup to be quick so you can get out of the kitchen and back to your guests. High-arching, swing-away spouts and pull-down spray faucets let you get close to your work by targeting the spray exactly where you need it. New generation sensor sink faucets really add glamour, convenience and hygienic sense.  Sinks with lower divider between sink basins, make it easier to clean large, bulky items.

Moreover, you can learn Feng Shui aspect of Kitchen planning where great design ideas infused with feng shui principles can promote better health, family harmony, abundance and Joy.

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