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Making Wall alive with Texturing

Making Wall alive with Texturing

Plain colors may look dull and boring after sometime. You can create focal points in your home and make it look attractive and interesting by the use of patterns and textures, while maintaining the harmony and synchronization in your home décor. There are unlimited choices of textures and patterns for you to brood upon and choosing them and arranging them in an inviting manner, is not so easy a task, as it may seem at the first instance. Textures and patterns play an important role in determining the style of decorating the home. It brings character and depth in design if used correctly and creatively.

Wall texturing adds unique dimension to flat, drab walls. However, wall texturing also has a functional purpose. Many aren’t aware that wall texturing is an ideal way to cover minor nicks, cracks, flaws, stains and unevenness on your home’s existing walls.

Wall texture can easily be added with paint, stucco, fabrics, wallpaper, wood paneling, rough tiles or faux wall texturing products. The easiest and most economical way to add texture to your walls is by using pre-mixed wall-texturing paste in a can, or wall-texturing spray. Applicators can be used to make any wall-texturing pattern you like.

Your environment limits your choices while every individual has different preferences too. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind while selecting the right texture and pattern or their combinations for your home that you can use to create illusions of seemingly changed proportion of rooms, climatic conditions and overall mood of the room. Textures helps you get enhanced ambience. Textures like chipped off plaster, broken walls or exposed bricks, help you create ancient look. While textures used in extensively large rooms can bring warmth and closeness and helps eliminate emptiness of space. Textures can be used as acoustic treatment, in the special areas such as home theatre, media room or entertainment room. You will find texture in nature itself and by using textures in interior design you can get surrounding nature in.

So remember, when you go for your next home makeover, create interest with textures. It gets you style, character and ambience.

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