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Rock your Garden

Rock your Garden

Natural rocks give timeless look to any landscape feature. They provide visual interest in the landscape when surrounding plants are out of bloom or have gone dormant for the winter. There are many ways to use rocks in your garden and how they are displayed. They can bring extra dimension and character to your landscape. Whether it is a wall, in a garden, part of a water feature or as a rockery; boulders, stones or pebbles can provide a permanent and unique mark on your garden design.

A rockery is the easiest way to add character to your landscape as it demands minimal expertise and maintenance. There are many good reasons to build your own rockery.

  • Rockeries can provide amazing habitat for small creatures in your garden and also a great way to increase biodiversity in your yard.
  • Additionally, rock gardens can shelter seeds from annuals and biennials such as foxgloves.
  • They can provide run off water with small amounts of trace minerals.
  • They limit plant crowding and help shade small pockets of soil, thereby increasing moisture retention.

Strength and durability are two obvious requirements when it comes to choosing materials for landscape. Natural rock is always a fine choice. The intrinsic hardness of the rocks is a perfect foil to softness of plants and water.

Rock is generally heavy and shipping could prove to be costly. When you do decide on type of rock, make sure you have a place to put the delivery when it shows up. Remember, that lifting and moving rocks is hard work; be sure to use proper lifting techniques to avoid back injury.

As with all garden features, patience is a key when designing a rockery. It does require a maturing phase to morph into a diverse habitat. Plants take time to fill their spaces, so try to limit the number of soil pockets such that they don’t look overgrown in future. Rocks and plants exist together in nature so by adding a rockery into your yard space, you are creating a natural relationship. They work extremely well together in gardens – both aesthetically and practically. Go ahead; experiment!

Most importantly, well-featured rock landscape creates excellent curb appeal and adds lot to your property value.

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