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Granite in Interior Design

Granite in Interior Design

Created by nature and shaped by craftsman, Granite is an investment. Deep irresistible colors, granite offers that elusive beauty created by nature. As a result, granite adds character, warmth with a unique richness to the areas where it goes.

Granite applications include: kitchens, bathrooms, windows/doors Sills, fireplaces, walls, furniture, restaurants, kiosks, boats, RVs and many more residential/commercial uses.

Though, granite is very closely associated with kitchens for various reasons. First of all, granite complements any kitchen with its beautiful and luxurious look. Depending on the edge, color and finish of your granite countertop, it can warm up your kitchen as well as add elegance. Most important, it doesn’t promote bacteria growth when properly sealed and maintained and it is highly stain, heat and scratch resistant.

Granite is always hard and tough, therefore its shine lasts longer compare to any other stone and its easy to maintain. Because of this, it has also gained widespread popularity as a construction stone. With granite high profile edge finishing is possible, that adds more elegance, richness and beauty to the interior design. Granite can take any amount of traffic, makes it highly usable for public places, such as: malls, theatres, universities, airports, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants etc.  As granite is considered as weather proof stone, it is extensively used as external finishing material for building facades, signages, walkways etc.

Granite is available in different sizes and thicknesses,  in tile form as well as in slab form. For commercial use and building projects, bigger size slabs can be procured by special order. Plus it is highly uniform material and very rarely you get variation in big lots. Rough finish  granite adds ambience to special areas, such as: pubs, studios, spas, ladscapes, swimming pools etc. When creatively incorporated in any piece of furniture, brings beauty and richness to interior design.

The versatility of granite has made it a most favorite material of Builders, Architects and Interior-Designers.

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